►Will Desperate Housewives Latest Kill Hurt the Show?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, after a few years of rumors, it has finally happened. Desperate Housewives finally killed off Edie Britt.

When the was news of her demise was spinning around a few months ago, my wish was...this cannot be true, hopefully just another rumor; but when she was left on the ground after being electrocuted, it seemed they were bent on killing her off.

Hope against hope, they did.

Buddy TV has a poll about this and 72 percent of the people who took the poll feel the same way, very disappointed that she's leaving the show.

Since, she began on the show it was always my hope they would give her more airtime and Fellicity Huffman's character, Lynette Scavo, less time. One of my wishes came true. To me, Nicolette Sheridan's character, Britt really helped to make the show fun, edgy, and humorous.

Britt and Gabrielle Solis, portrayed brilliantly by Eva Longoria, are my two favorites, followed closely by Bree Van De Kamp, played by Marcia Cross.

I love how they styled Sheridan this season, so well groomed and elegant, very stylish with such of a smart fashion sense. Reminiscent of back to the 40s with elegance and yet contemporary for today. The fashion was upped this season from previous seasons and, for me, was rivaling Sex and the City for the consummate look at boomer women and fabulous fashion. And, Britt was one of the major fashion icons on the show.

The show has now lost some of the enchantment with her gone.

I am hoping they realize what a big mistake they made by killing her off and make it into someone's bad dream and bring her back.

What are your thoughts on this?....Will Wisteria lane hold as much attraction for you with the Edie Britt character ousted?

My fears are we will have to endure more of Susan Mayer's neurotic character and the boring and predictable manipulations of Scavo. Edie Britt vamped it up, played off the other characters beautifully and added the common sense the other characters needed to keep them from going too far over-the-top.

Dawn Bonner, Editor in Chief

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►Jerry Hall: Super Model in Demand

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The woman Mick Jagger wrote Missing You for has signed a contract with Ford Modeling agency. The 52-year-old gorgeous blonde used to work with the Ford Agency and now, she's back again. Better and stronger than ever.

Finally, we boomers have models we identify with instead of anorexic 16 and 17 year olds. We applaud you Lagerfeld.

The mother of four has just completed a huge Chanel campaign photographed and designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Her popularity is undeniable and her looks; smoldering hot. Tssszzzzzt.

Hall, who will be 53 on July 2 was born in Gonzales, Texas and currently lives in London with her children.

The super model trend of women out of their teens and signing major campaigns is Claudia Schiffer (38) who is doing campaign work for Bally and Christie Turlington (40) is in the latest Yves Saint Laurent ads.

Dawn Bonner, Editor in Chief

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