►U2 in Concert, Get Your Tickets Now, Second Show in Chicago

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

U2 sells out Soldier field, announces second show Sept. 13

U2 sold out 65,000 tickets to its Sept. 12 Soldier Field concert in a matter of minutes Monday, and then announced a second Soldier Field show Sept. 13.

Tickets ($250, $95, $55, $30) for the second show will go on sale at 10 a.m. April 6, via Ticketmaster.com. Tickets for the first show were popping up on secondary ticket sites, selling for as high as $3,000.

Besides Chicago, the Irish quartet sold-out concerts in New York (82,000 tickets) and Boston (72,000), setting the largest single-day attendance record in each city, tour producer Live Nation said in a statement.

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Chanel Notes
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►Keith Urban in Concert - Get Your Tickets Now!

Billed as one of the best concerts, Keith Urban leaves it all out there on the stage. Here is a great profile of Urban, where you will learn about him and see why his concerts are life changing. This feature is so good, author Jeff Apter gave it kudos. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

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Chanel Notes,
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►Video from Lance Armstrong Regarding Post Surgery

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lance Armstrong recorded a video to all of his well wishers about his crash, the pins in his shoulder, and thanks you. What a sweet and thoughtful man. Again, our prayers go out to you.

Exclusive Post-Op Interview with Lance -- powered by http://www.livestrong.com


►Five Killers in Theaters June 4, 2010

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Five Killers finished its first day of filming today in France. And, you are going to be excited with what I have to tell you next--Tom Selleck will be on the big screen, oh baby. The action comedy stars Ashton Kutcher as a hit man who falls in love with Catherine Heigl. As usual, the love of a good woman always changes a man's life--for a little while at least. Until Kutcher's character finds out there is now a hit on him. Selleck and his wife, played by Catherine O'Hara are Heigl's very concerned parents. Martin Mull is also in the cast.

The screenplay was written by Bob DeRosa who said, "I sat down to write the script 34 months ago. Believe it or not, that's a quick journey."

His script is in the care of fab director Robert Luketic who has brought together an incredible crew for this movie. Apparently, he is as happy as DeRosa after his first day of filming because he tweeted, "Thanks Bob. Thanks for writing the script!"

By the looks of the photos Luketic took--it was a beautiful day of filming--great crew in good spirits, gorgeous day, the water was azure blue, and the sky heavenly blue.

(Photo Above: Rob Luketic the morning of filming. He looks so Hemingway, doesn't he?)

Fun Facts: Kutcher is so funny--he is a hard worker, smart guy, clever, and wise. But, when it comes to waxing--well, here are his words."Oh no! My stunt double waxed his chest. Oh good god nooooo! Brb, I'm in the middle of a debate as to how to avoid doing the same. Son of a ... I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet. Never done this before. So scared. May have to film it. Stay tuned," twittered Kutcher.

Always one to keep the humor intact no matter how frightened he is.

In response, his director, Luketic said, "Sorry we had order the chest hair be blitzed. We can bring back the 70's fur pelt on the next show."

Hotlanta--watch out, they're coming to your town next, y'all are sooo lucky.

Dawn Bonner, LLBS
Editor in Chief


►Demi Moore's Two New Movies: The Joneses and Bunraku

Ask and you shall receive. We asked for it a few days ago (see blog Demi Moore's husband) and yesterday the beautiful Moore said in a twitter, to those of us who asked, that she has two new movies coming out:

The Joneses
with David Duchovny and Amber Heard with Derrick Borte as director. The plot sounds really fun and fresh--it is about three people (Moore, Duchovny, Heard) who live together in a beautiful suburban neighborhood, posing as the perfect American family. But, there real job is to promote luxury products to their neighbors--keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak. There are twists as Moore starts having real fealings for her fake husband and Heard just wants to find herself a rich husband. I don't know when this movie is coming out--except sometime in 2009. Looking forward to it.

Bunraku also will be coming out sometime in 2009 and also looks to be very promising, interesting, and filled with a bit of Oriental mystical magic. Moore plays a vamp who is the love interest of an evil Warlord played by Ron Perlman (omgosh, he is so hot and fabulous in Sons of Anarchy), looks like her character is no innocent, either.

Josh Hartnett plays the good guy who is a loner that rolls into the popular bar Horseless Horseman Saloon of the crime ridden town. Woody Harrelson is the bartender of this comic book type watering hole--and is a wise man--who guides Hartnett and his partner in vanquishing the Warlord and several other criminals.

Guy Mosh wrote the screen play and directed the movie with a sense of comic book, video games, and fantasy type ambiance. Nothing is as it seems in the landscape.

Sergiu Teleuta was one of the set directors for the film. He has several photographs of the bar on his website if you'd like to take a peak.

Fun Facts FYI: Moore's favorite movie she has done is G.I. Jane.

Another little footnote is her daughter is acting and will be on an episode of The Medium next.

My personal view of Moore: It is absolutely amazing to me how this baby boomer, Demi Moore, keeps getting better and better with age. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world--her and Courtney Cox, in my humble opinion. Moore's beauty is inside and out. She really is the epitome of Boomer Hot--living life full-throttle, creating something bigger than yourself (a great mom, actor, spiritual consciousness, wife, friend),
doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Boomer Hot is the whole package--and that she is, what a package.

Chanel Notes
LLBS, Entertainment Writer


Update on Lance Armstrong

Yesterday Lance Armstrong went in for surgery on his collarbone. He handles things with grace and honesty. He sent this photo via Twitter with a message:

"About to head in. See y'all in a few. Livestrong."

Armstrong also said his manager would let us know how he was doing as soon as the surgery was done and Higs did update us immediately. He said, "All went well. Lance is in recovery. Same guy just 12 screws in his collarbone."

You know, you can't keep a good man down because yesterday afternoon Armstrong twittered, "Howdy folks. Made it thru. Took longer than we thought. Playing with my kids right. Making me feel A LOT better."

This morning is a tough day for him, "Surgery/anesthesia/jetlag = hurtin' like hell."

Hang in there Lance, our thoughts and prayers are with you for a healthy, speedy recovery. God's blessings to you, dear one.

Chanel Notes,
LLBS Entertainment Writer


►Marina McBride, Yanni Voices, U2, Diana Krall & Keith Urban Top Selling Releases

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out Today

Martina McBride's
new album Shine is out today. It is already ranked number 12 in the general music category and higher in the country category.

Another new release out today is Yanni Voices. It is already ranked as number six in music at Amazon.
Wow, way to go Yanni.

Not a new release, but worthy of attention is U2's No Line on the Horizon is ranked number one in music.

Coming Out March 31st

Diana Krall's new album, Quiet Nights, isn't even out yet and she is ranked number 2 in music overall and number one in jazz, pop, and Broadway.

Keith Urban's new release, Defying Gravity, is also due out March 31 and it is already at number 18 in the music category and number 5 in country music.

Wow, the baby boomers still dominate the music industry after 5 decades. The pre-orders for Krall's CD and Urban's CD are pushing them up the charts. What do you think is going to happen when they debut next week?

Happy Listening,
Chanel Notes
LLBS Entertainment Writer


►Val Kilmer as the Next Rooster Cogburn?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Could Val Kilmer Be the Next Rooster Cogburn in the Coen Bros. new Film?

We think yes. According to Entertainment News Ethan and Joel Coen will be remaking the classic movie True Grit. The directors will be telling the story from the 14-yr-old girl's point of view. Knowing the Coen brothers—with their earthy sense of humor, this could be very interesting.

No cast has been announced yet, but we at Living Life…Boomer Style Magazine would love to see the role of Rooster Cogburn go to Kilmer.

Cogburn was originally played by John Wayne for which he won an Academy Award. It seems to me, that Kilmer could brilliantly fit into Wayne's shoes and because the film is from a different point of view, Kilmer could definitely make the role of Rooster Cogburn his own.

Not only is Kilmer talented, our readers voted him as the #1
Boomer Hot Male of 2008. Congrats Val.

Share your thoughts...

Shelli Carlisle

Assistant Editor

*** Please leave your name and where you are from. Thank you.


►Eddie Izzard is Brilliant

So is Minnie Driver and the two of them together, along with the rest of the cast, created something very special in The Riches. I asked Eddie Izzard today when the series was coming back on the boob tube.

And, Izzard said, "We're hoping to do a film of The Riches. Unfortunately, the TV series ended. But we liked us!."

It surprises and saddens me about the series ending. This was a truly fresh, interesting, intriguing, and fun show with incredible writers, acting, and fresh new subject. Yes, I am talking about a TV show.

The good news is the talk of a movie The Riches. Let's hope so.

BTW, Eddie Izzard made it onto our Men's Top 100 Boomer Hot list for 2009. The list comes out in August to celebrate the hot August nights, but you can check out 2008's Boomer Hot list.

Lastly, The Riches, Season 2 comes out tomorrow.

Enjoy the tidbit and folks let's put it out there, we want a movie of and
bring back our TV The Riches series, please.

Dawn, LLBS
Editor in Chief


►Lance Armstrong in Spain

Lance Armstrong on his bike Image by Annie Leibovitz (one of my faves)

Sorry to hear about Lance Armstrong breaking his clavicle. He will not be finishing the race in Spain. He said he is fine...tonight he was at a friends house watching the sunset and is in bed resting now. Good luck Lance, heal well, heal fast, and get back on the wheels soon.

Dawn, LLBS
Editor in Chief


►Demi Moore's Husband

Ashton Kutcher is on his way to Germany then on to Monaco for principle photography for his next movie. Can't wait to see it. Five Killer's is being directed by Rob Luketic and Tom Selleck will star in it, too.

He and Demi Moore are a fun and humorous couple, sure enjoy their essence together. Wonderful to see loving people who get along in this industry.

Now, the big question is Demi when is your next movie? We want to see you up on the silver screen again, soon.

BTW, if you want to see some great images of Demi, see her in Living Life...Boomer Style's Top 100 Boomer Hot Women. She is so gorgeous.

Dawn, LLBS

Editor in Chief


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