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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recently gathered at the BraveHeart Awards were the following luminaries and celebrities such as presenters Courteney Cox, Mariel Hemingway, Marla Maples, Loni Anderson, Frances Fisher, Rolonda Watts, Siedah Garrett, and Stefanie Powers. Recipients included Maya Angelou, Carol Channing, Delta Burke, Kate Edelman Johnson, Dr Michael and Rickie Byars Beckwith, and Mary Fanaro. All of these inspirational people won awards for exemplary humanitarian work they have done, and deservedly so, yet there was someone in the audience who surely should have won an award too.

The young lady is Rhae Ann Theriault, an unsung heroine in animal rescue, whose amazing work with her 2TheResQ organisation is dedicated to rescuing neglected and or abused animals and finding good and loving homes for them. Theriault has been working in animal rescue for over twenty-five years. Born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Glenview, Illinois, and now living in California, she has had a 'soft spot' for animals since she was able to walk and talk.

"It first began when I started bringing home abondoned field mice and injured birds. This soon grew in to a life-long love affair with creatures big and small, domestic and wild, furry and winged (or anything in between.")
She is currently writing a mission statement and working towards becoming a 501 non-profit in Los Angeles County.

One of Theriault's most inspirational stories regards a dog named Charlotte she has since adopted and given a loving home to. This is Charlotte's harrowing story in Theriault's own words:
"Charlotte, a sweet, young, American Staffordshire Terrier, had been sitting in a cold, damp, concrete cell at Downey Animal Shelter for seven long months while a court case for her abuser dragged on. She had been beaten and used as a bait dog by her previous owner. Then, after all these months of waiting, as fate would have it; she was scheduled to be euthanized. I simply couldn't allow this to happen. My friend, Hali, joined me on the long journey to the Downey Shelter. We pulled her out of there before it was too late. The staff members had gotten to know her so well after all, she'd been there longer than any animal, only kept alive due to the on-going investigation. Officer Sherman and Gacey's eyes welled up with tears when they realized the day they thought would never arrive was here! The sad dog that they allowed to run off leash in building 2, walked daily, and played with, was getting out, about to embark on a new journey, a new life, where she would be loved and allowed to be the happy dog she was meant to be! Charlotte is an unbelievably sweet, affectionate, loving dog who kisses everyone she meets well, all humans, that is. Unfortunately, she has "issues" with other dogs - due to her horrific past. Two weeks ago, Charlotte was brought to "Green Dog," a wonderful boarding facility in Los Angeles. There she is being socialized with other dogs and learning to be in a pack! UPDATE May 17th, 2009: I just hung up the phone with Marcus ("Green Dog" founder) who said he is going to be sending video footage (which I'll be posting) of Charlotte PLAYING with other dogs! He was on his couch, watching the Laker's game, with Charlotte's head on his lap and three other dogs... just hangin' out!! I'm doin' a Happy Dance!"
The following was just now received by me as an update from Theriault regarding Charlotte's life and future:
"Regarding Charlotte, she was transported up to Sacramento, several months ago, to join her new adoptive home. It didn't work out because she still had some agression towards other dogs (due to her severe abuse). She is now at Camelot Animal Sanctuary (outside Seattle) where she is further being socialised for permanent adoption. Her guardian angel's name is Sandi. I miss her so but am confident she is living a happy life, fully expressed!"

Theriault's talents are not limited to the care and nurture of animals however, she is also an accomplished singer, dancer, and actress who worked with The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, and fellow Staggering Harlettes, Carol Hatchett and Melanie Taylor during much of the 90's. It was because of the quartet's fantastic performance in the 1997 concert DVD "Diva Las Vegas" that I first came to know Theriault online and I was immediately entranced with this beautiful and talented lady's immense wit, outrageous humour, and compassionate heart, for both animals and good people who are also committed to making the world a better place. Theriault's good deeds and amazing talent cannot remain hidden in the shadows, the world needs to meet this amazing person and get involved with helping her achieve her aim of helping the world's animals.

It is little wonder that Rhae Ann Theriault has been nominated as one of the Boomer Hot Women Of 2009 at "Living Life...Boomer Style" magazine.

~ Michael Holloway


michael sutton October 28, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

She deserves it and she gets my vote..

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