A Journey To Fame With Giovanna Gattuso And Cynthia Gibb

Friday, October 23, 2009

In July 2010, actress/singer Cynthia Gibb and renowned vocal coach/singer Giovanna Gattuso will be touring Italy for a reprise of their successful and popular Journey To Fame series of masterclasses, an intensive program of vocal workshops designed by Gattuso's and Gibb's Venice Voice Academy which has a campus in both Venice, California, and Torino, Italy.

Also, Gattuso has written a book about her innovative vocal techniques which she calls The Crossover Singing Method which is also the title of the book. The aim of the book and the masterclasses is to teach this complete method for all singers, choir directors, teachers, and students at every level, dedicated to vocal training from basic to advanced. The resources within are designed to develop and maintain a healthy, balanced, expressive voice with the coordination you need to sing all the various styles.

Gattuso herself states that she can "personally testify that a 'good and healthy' vocal technique allows one to sing anything. There is no difference between a classical technique, or a modern technique of this style or that one. To utilise the voice correctly, in my opinion, there is only one technique, and the limitations are not in the voice itself, but in the limitations that we as human beings place in front of ourselves."

There are several accolades offered by readers who have already benefitted from Gattuso's teaching, and one review by Garrison Fewell states:

"I found her to be among the finest vocalists in today's jazz world. Giovanna's technique is impeccable, her creativity shines in her recorded works and even more brilliantly so on stage, her compositional talents are truly outstanding and she is an excellent producer. Giovanna will surely continue to be a role model for female musicians everywhere."

Gattuso's last album, Jungle E Maree won her the Latin Female Singer/Songwriter and Best World Music Album at the 16th Annual International Los Angeles Music Awards in 2006.

She describes her album as being "inspired by my Mediterranean Sea world...the warm air of Southern Italy, the ancient smell of the Mediterranean Sea, Jungle E Maree is an exotic blend of brazilian and mediterranean influences."

Gattuso's partner in the Venice Voice Academy is the eternally fresh and sparkling Cynthia Gibb who has been working in the entertainment industry for at least 30 years, although to look at her, you certainly would not dream she has a child in college.

As gifted as she is an actress, one aspect I have always admired about Gibb is her musical talent, and after seeing her Golden Globe nominated performance in Gypsy (1993), opposite the legendary Bette Midler, I have always wished to hear more of Gibb's musical prowess. True, she has appeared in such productions as the 80s hit series Fame (for which she was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1982), and has given stellar performances in The Karen Carpenter Story, but I am positive many fans would love to see the lady release a solo CD someday.

In the meantime, Gibb and Gattuso are soon to publish A Journey To Fame, a book which explores their journey together as two inspirational women who give their time, their talent, and their love for music to nurture and inspire greatness in future generations of musicians.


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