Beth Nielsen Chapman Has Brain Surgery

Friday, May 1, 2009

Here is Beth's news:

*Note she is talking about a recent tour of hers

****You'd never know from the smile on my face that I was still recovering from a rather strange inner ear virus (all gone now thank goodness) that caused me to have some very weird hearing problems and balance issues the week prior to the performance.

The lucky thing is, in the course of spending the previous week going through tests and MRI's to determine what was going on with my hearing, a small brain tumor was discovered that appears to be growing. The doctors seem to all agree that although it appears to be benign, it is a good idea to have it removed.

So I'll be going in for brain surgery on April 30th. I already know there are "Angels By My Side" since they obviously arranged for this inner ear virus to cause me to have an MRI, etc. I have every reason to feel confident that there will be a full recovery for me.

I've had to cancel a few shows but I should be up and around within a few weeks, and hopefully I'll be tap dancing again soon!

Hopefully I will come through my surgery and healing will no complications. Please keep me in your prayers. I look forward to being on the other side of this as I've got a lot of songs to finish!****

It's wonderful that she's so positive, although I suspect deep down there is more than a little worry there (I know I am worried even though I'm not the one going through this), and the album that Beth proposed for January 2010 is keeping her spirits up and the work she has yet to complete for that will inspire her to get better.

Click here for more on Beth and her life.

Cheers, Michael

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