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Monday, April 6, 2009

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood's new release is coming out May 19, 2009 and already it is rising the lists at number 383 out of all the music to purchase. As the date gets closer for the release imagine we will see it rocket to the top.

Not only do they have a CD--they are also releasing a DVD of the concert they played together at Madison Square Garden. You can pre-order the 2 CD set now and the DVD. Get a taste of what to we have to look forward to by seeing the reviews below.

And, more great news if you can believe it. On March 01, 2009 Winwood and Clapton announced a 2009 Summer Tour in 14 venues across the United States. Now, that's groovy. Clapton is 64 and Winwood is 60--and their voices are still as strong as ever, their appeal-HUGE. Just goes to show you, Boomer's are like fine wine--we get better with age when we keep rockin.


I saw both Cream's reunion at Madison Square Garden in 2005. While i was delighted to revel in Cream's light, I was utterly blown away by Clapton/Winwood's performance. Hearing Little Wing seque into Voodoo Chile brought a tear to my eye & a chill up my spine. I cant wait to see this!
R. Alboher

I saw the Thursday night show more than a year ago now and I still get chills thinking about it. They shined. Winwood's voice, if possible, was better than ever. Together they are unbeatable. I can't wait to own this. Snippets on YouTube aren't enough. L. Beatty

This reunion yields one of the most emotive moments in rock'n'roll history. Almost forty years after their Blind Faith gig at Hyde Park, this shows made sigh lots of souls over the world. It's a must for anyone who love classic rock.
Julio A. Jimenez Rodarte

Image above: Eric Clapton at Hard Rock Calling concert, Hyde Park, London, June 28, 2008
By the way, Clapton just celebrated his birthday on March 30--happy birthday Eric. We love you.

Chanel Notes, LLBS Entertainment Writer


Steve Richards April 24, 2009 at 10:12 AM  

This gets the famed Steve Richards 'squeal of approval' !!


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Hi both guys are awesome they are good playing the notes, I like to hear the rock 'n roll they play, I would like to have a CD from them.

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