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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Five Killers finished its first day of filming today in France. And, you are going to be excited with what I have to tell you next--Tom Selleck will be on the big screen, oh baby. The action comedy stars Ashton Kutcher as a hit man who falls in love with Catherine Heigl. As usual, the love of a good woman always changes a man's life--for a little while at least. Until Kutcher's character finds out there is now a hit on him. Selleck and his wife, played by Catherine O'Hara are Heigl's very concerned parents. Martin Mull is also in the cast.

The screenplay was written by Bob DeRosa who said, "I sat down to write the script 34 months ago. Believe it or not, that's a quick journey."

His script is in the care of fab director Robert Luketic who has brought together an incredible crew for this movie. Apparently, he is as happy as DeRosa after his first day of filming because he tweeted, "Thanks Bob. Thanks for writing the script!"

By the looks of the photos Luketic took--it was a beautiful day of filming--great crew in good spirits, gorgeous day, the water was azure blue, and the sky heavenly blue.

(Photo Above: Rob Luketic the morning of filming. He looks so Hemingway, doesn't he?)

Fun Facts: Kutcher is so funny--he is a hard worker, smart guy, clever, and wise. But, when it comes to waxing--well, here are his words."Oh no! My stunt double waxed his chest. Oh good god nooooo! Brb, I'm in the middle of a debate as to how to avoid doing the same. Son of a ... I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet. Never done this before. So scared. May have to film it. Stay tuned," twittered Kutcher.

Always one to keep the humor intact no matter how frightened he is.

In response, his director, Luketic said, "Sorry we had order the chest hair be blitzed. We can bring back the 70's fur pelt on the next show."

Hotlanta--watch out, they're coming to your town next, y'all are sooo lucky.

Dawn Bonner, LLBS
Editor in Chief


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