Katherine Ketcham is Boomer Hot, Find Out Why She has Our Vote

Friday, May 7, 2010

Click on any of the books in the slide show to read a few excerpts or to add to your reading library. Ketcham is an engaging writer who has the ability to take complex issues and share them so the layman can have a new understanding of what is really going on.

Besides authoring 14 books, some of which are on audio CD and Kindle, having a wonderful, incredible marriage, and being a great mom, as if that isn't enough! Ketcham has saved many lives and helped many families get back together, against all odds in the unspoken ravages that affects all classes, races, ages, and is an equal opportunity marauder on women and men, alike.

Learn more about Katherine Ketcham in the May issue of Living Life...Boomer Style Magazine.


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